Baker in Summer

Mt. Baker is one of the last places in Western Washington I feel like I haven't explored. It's definietly the last mountain area for me to explore.

Mt. Baker is on stolen Nooksack land, approximately 3 hours north of Seattle. The road up past the Mt. Baker ski area is only open for a few shorts months out of the year and the hiking in the back country generally has pretty high avi warnings. All of that plus a busy schedule results in the fact that I've been in WA nearly 3 years now, but this year was my first time getting up there. But 1000% worth the wait.

I went up March 28th after getting off a 24 hour shift and just full sent it, but it was still heavily covered in snow and the road was closed at the lodge. I hiked from the lodge to Artist Point, a roughly 4.4 mile hike, plus or minus some exploring. Cut to, exactly 5 months later, August 28th, I was able to get back up. This time I was able to drive all the way up to Artist Point and start hiking from there.

I went on 3 different hikes, swam in an alpine lake and took almost 500 photos. I can't wait to go back and hike some more. I'm also definietly in the market for more photographer friends..


These blogs are my like 4th version of a diary lol. So you're now entering the more rambly, emotions, brain dump, whatever side of this blog.

Ok, so I don't know where I picked this up. And I don't know what to call it beyond the "song game"? Where you just put your songs on shuffle and then you can either ask a question or something, or you're in a certain mood and somehow big brother FBI Spotify or some hidden AI knows what song to play. And if you're asking a question, the song title that comes up, is the answer. I don't know lol, but when I was first coming off my first 24 hour shift, "Sleep Deprivation" by Chance Pena came on.

Long story short, Noah Kahan's song "You're Gonna Go Far" came on as I was turning the last hairpin turn on the road up to Artist Point. I have known Noah's music since Sean Lew's ICONIC dance with Kaycee Rice to "False Confidence", however I would not say I am a die hard fan. I only know like 3 of his songs, and while I love them and they're a vibe, it's just not the artist I usually put on. But I could not have put on a more perfect song for the last 3 minutes of that drive.

So pack up your car, put a hand to your heart

Say whatever you feel, be wherever you are

We ain't angry at you, love, you're the greatest thing we've lost

The birds'll still sing, your folks'll still fight

The boards'll still creak, the leaves will still die

We ain't angry at you, love, we'll be waiting for you, love

I've said it a few times on here and on ig, and I've talked to people and friends, but the mental health has been traaaassshhhh. I've been trying to figure out what the heck I want for myself, for life, for a career, where to live, just everything about the future. The little that I feel like I know right now, is that these 3 things make me feel happy.

  1. Being outside in the sunshine, moving my body (aka summer hikes)
  2. Taking photographs
  3. Impulse tattoos (but I gotta chill for a min lol)

If I could, I think it would be such a dream to be a travel photographer (..but there are so many logistics and planning and ect that is too overwhelming for me to think about and plan for right now). I haven't had any issues with "leaving home" necessarily, mostly because I think I haven't even been that attached to one place/house. I moved 5 times before I went to college. Then was more than happy to move 3,000 miles away. I moved in and out of the college dorms to Colorado for the following 4 years. Then have moved around 4 different places in Washington. I don't mind leaving a physical place (aside from my little camp bunk in Colorado)? But some small part of me is sad (?) when I leave certain people behind ? I guess.. I don't know. It's 10pm and I'm rambling now. But that one line of "we ain't angry at you love, you're the greatest thing we've lost" felt like it hit like a ton of bricks.

I was supposed to be moving out of WA this year. I had actually planned to move around Sept 1 because that's when my last lease was scheduled to end. However, in the last 3 months, everything was completely turned on its head... and while on paper, I'm settled and things look good.. I'm still not fully sure how to feel? On one hand, I am happy to stay, I have good jobs that I genuinely like, I signed a new lease at probably my favorite physical space, and I'm making some closer friendships. And then on the other hand, I want out so badly haha. .....and thennn, maybe that is the issue? I'm not sure. I'm going to end this blog haha. Things that should be discussed with a therapist lmao.

Main points:

Baker in summer = beautiful

Taking photos makes me happy, so enjoy the photos :)