's been a minute

I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's already halfway through March of 2024. So much stuff has happened in the last year. Clearly my goal or posting on the blog almost every week has died ... seeing as it's been 5 months.... whoops.

I wish I could say differently, but when I get really busy my art projects always take a backseat. And I wish I had the time to dedicate more effort to it all. I haven't really done any photoshoots in the last 5 months so there hasn't been anything to even make a blog post. I did one creative shoot in February for Valentine's Day and they ended up looking like the Bachelorette's new promo pics lol. I really do need to find the time to dedicate to growing my photography though. It was one of my goals for 2024.

Buuuuttttt. Some exciting news, I have booked another wedding, a small elopement here in WA over the summer and I am so excited!

As we get into spring, I would also like to break into the graduation photo scene.

I don't have much else to report on the photography front, but I figured instead of waiting any longer, I needed to just go for it and make a short blog.