The art of noticing..

Big brother AI FBI whatever Tiktok has been listening. In the last few days I've gotten videos with a new sound from Emma Chamberlain. I do not follow her and I don't know much about it beyond that she is an influencer. But the sound says

"why do we feel the need to take photos and videos of everything? Here's what I think. I think part of it has something to do with this fear of losing a memory. We're afraid of a magical moment in our lives happening and us not having this permanent memory in the form of a photo. Out of this uncomfortable fear that if we don't get it in photo version, in video version, that it'll be gone forever"

In some form yes. At some point I'll be able to say my mental health isn't in the dumps lol. I like holding onto magical little moments, fun moments, moments with friends where I feel happy, little details of life that can be so pretty. Somehow finding the little moments and noticing the details, being present..

I just bought my final camera for a loonggg while. I just bought the FujiFilm x100v. This camera has been on my list for forever, and it's been impossible to get my hands on for a few reasons. 1. I spent basically my entire rent on it 2. Fuji is on a massive parts shortage 3. tiktok blew this camera up and the demand has been incredibly high - the camera is on back order everywhere. The only way I was able to get this camera was second hand off marketplace. (Which is a whole other tangent. All of the camera's I've bought have been second hand off marketplace and I have had incredible luck. You also don't need the fanciest or newest or most expensive equipment to start!!)

A few things I love about the Fuji. It's small. That's probably the most important thing. It's small and has a fixed lens, so I don't need to carry about a bulky body + a lens. I love my RP and it is my main camera for the most part, and even though its mirrorless and lightweight, I can't just slip it into a pocket and go. The Fuji looks and feels like a film camera, but it also has the film simulation that I am IN LOVE with. I can add my own recipe and basically pre-edit my photos. So when I transfer them to my phone, I don't have to edit anything. This camera will become my new everyday casual camera. I want to start finding more moments in the everyday. It doesn't mean I'm going to stop driving hours and hours to go hike miles and miles, but I can take photos just while walking to the grocery store.

In the last 24 hours, I've gone on a few different walks around town just snapping whatever caught my eye. This morning, the sun was also coming through my windows and I put on self timer and just danced around my apartment. All of these photos are straight from the camera with the recipe I programmed in.

When I'm in the hole, finding little moments and capturing, it feels like I'm romanticizing life and living.