Lil late on this..

...Because I got absolutely BODIED by COVID. Last Friday I needed a mental health day, so I did what any logical person would do: spontaneous tattoo and then escape to the mountains for a hike.

I went just a little outside of Rainier, out on highway 410 to the Sourdough Gap via the PCT. Quick little 6 mile hike :) My watch clocked it with 1,259 ft elevation gain, which is relatively nothing.

The hike is beautiful. The trail head is right off the 410. The first mile ish you're hiking above the road, which is full of wildflowers and gives you nice views of the winding road below (which is one of my favorite shots if you haven't noticed). Then the trail turns up into the mountains and brings you back to a little alpine lake. I am normally all for a good swim, but not this day. Until the lake, the elevation gain is minimal. After that it's a slow steady climb up. Since the hike is just a section of the PCT, it's up to you now how long you really go. I was following an AllTrails route that was 3 miles in, ending for a nice 6 miler.

It's going to take me a while, but I eventually want to compile the biggest WA Hiking List of all the hikes I've done. I'll have to organize where around WA they were, mileage, difficulty and views. So... stay tuned...