Build Your Self Confidence!

Like most people, I use art as a way to express my feelings and creative side. I have drawn series of certain topics that I am passionate about such as LGBT love, sexual assault awareness, disordered body images and so on. In the fall of 2022, I started taking creative self portraits as another form of expressing certain topics, such as struggling with depression or exploring my femininity. Other times I was just having fun covering myself in paint or glitter haha. So let's have some fun, get messy and tell a story!

Tell a story

These creative portraits are extra close to my heart, let's have some fun and express ourselves. I want to work closely with you to showcase what you're feeling, whether it's happy, creative, angry, sexy or just feeling silly!


Let's chat! If you have a specific idea in mind, I want to help you bring it to life without putting a time constraint on it. Shoots will start at 50$, but we can adjust from there.