More About Me

I am queer Chinese adoptee currently living in Seattle, Washington based artist. I grew up outside of Boston and have also lived in Colorado and Oregon.

I only recently began to focus into photography in the last 3 years. I was gifted a hand me down Canon T2i which I shot on for a while, and self taught myself everything I know. I bought myself a Canon 6D as a gift for Christmas 2022, then upgraded to my current camera for Christmas 2023. I now shoot on a mirrorless Canon EOS RP and the FujiFilm x100v. I use Lightroom to edit, and am still teaching myself Photoshop.

As a general rule for portraits, I will never alter how a person looks, ie: I will not make anyone look skinnier, add makeup or change body/face shape. Nor am I using the new Photoshop AI to alter the image's landscape or contents, with the exception of removing subjects from background.