"The land is our mother; it is part of us just as we are part of it. What happens to the land, happens to us. We take only what we need from the Earth and endeavor, in return, to understand its mysteries; to appreciate it’s beauty; and to ensure that it will be here for our children" - Lame Deer, Sioux Holy Man

Welcome! Landscapes are sort of my own personal project. I've lived in the PNW for almost 7 years now, spending the last 3 in Seattle, and I won't lie when I say the rain gets to me. I have learned that my mental health improves dramatically when I can be outdoors. I started truly getting into hiking in 2021 and my love of photography really began to grow as I would take my camera on hikes.

I love to spend my days off hiking or taking a road trip to shoot some photos. During the summers and fall I go down to surf the Oregon Coast. I try to go home to Colorado in the summer, and in general I love to travel and explore.

As always, I acknowledge my privilege and understand I am on stolen land of Indigenous peoples.

Prints available upon request.