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I work full time outside of my art business, but I am trying to transition over towards focusing on art. That being said, please be patient withe me, I will aim to reply within 1-2 business days.




Instagram: @kmjys97

Want to check out my drawings?: Ig: @katesaylor_art

Terms and Conditions apply

Contact Me:

Let me know a little about what you're looking for (ie: number of people if its an event, or a concept for a creative shoot)

Step 1.

Say hi! Shoot me an email with an inquiry and let me know a little about what you're looking for.

Step 2.

Let's chat! I really love getting to know you on a personal and comfortable level. We'll talk about the specifics and logistics of what you want in your shoot.

Step 3.

Take a quick peek at my terms and agreements. Make sure we're on the same page! We'll cover timeline, costs and payment plans here.

Step 4.

Make some memories! Time for your big day! My goal is to capture raw and authentic photos with as little stress to you. After the shoot I will deliver your photos through a private gallery.

Common Questions

How many pictures will we receive?

Depends on what you're looking for. I generally take a million photos in a session, so we'll have plenty to chose from! I don't like to limit you or me to a set number of photos to be delivered. If I like how a photo turned out, I want you to be able to see it too!

Depending on how many photos you're getting back, we can work together for the easiest distribution. The standard way will be for you to have a private client gallery on my site that will be password protected for your privacy!

Can I get the RAW files?

Unfortunately no. These photos will be yours to do as you wish, but ultimately they are still a reflection of my work and ultimately my creative control and intellectual property.

The RAW images are only 1/2 finished. I have to get into Lightroom to fix subtle lighting and color corrections. My editing style is very minimal, I don't ever alter someone's physical appearance, nor do I use any AI to alter a photos contents. Editing is a part of my process though, and is what makes these photos part of my photography.