I Am Woman

I am woman, I am female, I am sexy, I'm divine.

Being a woman is dope. I struggled for a long time with my sexuality, but have always been solid on my gender identity.

I’ve said I never liked photos of myself. There's a lot to unpack there lol, but combine that all with some depression and anxiety, results in shit self confidence whoo.

Coming out in 2017 and on and off in general, I also struggled with what it meant to be feminine. I was figuring out where I felt comfortable vs what I thought I needed to present in order to be “gay enough”. I still love some androgyny. Being a woman is dope and there is no one right way to do it. I also thought people wouldn’t take me seriously in STEM, or wouldn’t think I was “smart” if I was also “pretty” or "sexy".

Long long story getting there…I’ve been starting to try to embrace the femininity.

It’s been interesting to experience, learn and try to understand all the innerworkings of women and female presenting bodies being used in objectification and sexualization.

It ultimately comes down to pro choice - not just for abortion, but in everything that women do. Some women find comfort and power in being covered, where others like to show off what they’ve got. Some find confidence in wearing a full face of makeup, where others are more comfortable going bare faced. At the end of the day there’s literally no right or wrong.